We are proud to offer the most extensive and comprehensive permanent makeup training available with the most gentle and effective techniques!   Watch our students work, listen to our models, and  hear what our students are saying about us.


“Wow, what can I say!

....Mary Emily Davidson is not only a phenomenally talented cosmetic and medical tattoo artist, but also equally wonderful and thoroughly advanced training instructor.It is obvious that her commitment to using the newest techniques and extensive continuing education makes her so sought after. My one-on-one advanced areola training has been exceptionally better than any other PMU education I have received. I feel confident returning to work and giving my patients beautiful results. I hope to return for other advanced courses she teaches. Thank you Mary Emily for sharing your passion for so many women in so many ways!”



"It is truly an honor to be taught by the best..."



".... I've really loved it (the program)! It is formatted in a way that speaks to any type of learning type that you have...there's videos if you are an auditory learner and you get hands on exercises and experience as well as handouts and sheets to read to it caters to every type of person..."



"....It was an exceptional education. I think Mary Emily did a great job teaching us color theory and mechanics and techniques both in person and online...."